Club Drugs / Marijuana (PTE) Class

Course Description:The 4-hour Prevention Through Education (PTE) class, "Club Drugs and Marijuana" is a court ordered class that may also be taken voluntarily. It is specifically designed for minor drug offenders and uses a lecture and discussion format to explore the wide range of personal, social, criminal, economic and spiritual consequences associated with substance abuse. The class dispels misconceptions and common myths about drug use. The focus is a presentation of the best factual information available on substance abuse, options, choices and probable consequences. It is intended for a young adult to mature audience whose drug use history may offer opportunities for insight and behavior change.

Length: 4 hours

Cost: $45.00

What to bring

  • The court order issued by the judge, or the case number
  • The judge's name and the date of the order.

Important Information:The class must be completed within the time ordered by the judge, usually 90 days. Check the calendar for the current schedule or for more information, call (954) 763-4505.

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